Chapter 2: First thing

Posted by AP Intego on Apr 16, 2019 8:00:00 AM

5:10 am


First thing, post for Billy’s old job. Gotta get someone in here before the summer surge. Don’t want to go through that again this year... 


Summer...? Did I ever sign the order for those beach baskets? Was there a confirmation? Check that first thing, then post the job ...


Beach! Damn, I haven’t run with Baxter in over a week. Maybe that’s why he’s not been himself. Maybe that's why I'm not myself. Hey buddy, let’s run first thing today ...


You know what else you haven’t done in over a week? Buy tickets to the Orlando show, that’s what. I’m in deep if it sells out! Sorry, Bax, gotta tackle this one first thing. Then we’ll run. 

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