Chapter 3: All in a day's work

Posted by AP Intego on Apr 23, 2019 8:00:00 AM


11:42 am: Vendor call. The Blackstrap line. Freddy Simons. Good guy, and late.


Blackstrap usually moves fast, but not recently that’s for sure. This is going to be a tough conversation. The line is just, well, ok this year. I knew it, I felt it, but I bought it anyway. Should've trusted my gut. Confessed to losing his rockstar designer last fall when she went into business for herself. Big blow. Now he says he has a solution for me. C’mon Freddy, you got this.


2:24 pm: Customer just called. Leo at Thompson Outlets. The Ramsdell line he bought isn’t selling.


He wants to return almost all of it. 280 units. Says he only sold 20 so far. Collin is freaking out (of course), he worked that account hard. That stuff usually flies out of those stores. Green Star can’t seem to keep it around for more than a few weeks. Same with Woodville’s. There’s no way I can take it all back this late in the season. I'll drive down there on Wednesday and see Leo. Scratch that, Monday. I'm confident I can save this. You know what? By the time I'm done he's gonna buy Blackstrap too!


Thank you Freddy.


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