Chapter 1: Tuesday

Posted by AP Intego on Apr 9, 2019 8:00:00 AM


4:21 am: Awake. Head fills up.

Where the hell is the Masterson contract??

Need a better restocking process for the spring surge.

Was it uncle Tim’s birthday last week?


5:15 am: Alarm. Not around to hear it.

5:05 am: In kitchen checking overnight orders. alright, not terrible.


5:32 am: Change for the morning run. (Thought about it at least … email seemed like a better idea at the time).


6:02 am: Leave for work. Starbs on the way.


6:43 am: “Breakfast” on the shipping bench in the backroom.


What needs to go out this morning? This place is a mess. Mental note to remind Sandra to remind Danny to remind the UPS guy we need more supplies.


7:20 am: Analytics.


Spend feels heavy. Why can’t I get more interest in the Barn and Rooster Collection? Need to put some thought into it this week.


8:20 am: Get the sales guys fired up.


Already at their phones, nice! Maybe it’s time to add a fourth.


Soon, not yet.


9:00 am: Call with Joyce.


Quarterly taxes due next week, she’ll email over the forms to sign (got it).

Wants to introduce me to a new credit card vendor, a better deal she says. Aren’t they all? (check). Reminds me workers’ comp renewal is soon, can’t let that lapse, contact agent today (yup).

Thanks. Talk soon.


9:20-Noon: Reps, reps and more reps. Why do I schedule all the reps in the same week? Probably better that way.


12:something: snorkel down lunch. (or whatever that was) Should have gone for that run.


1:14 pm: Phones down! Again? Dammit. Tom’s working on it. That system is going to kill me. Pulling the trigger on that new one tomorrow! First. Thing.


1:22 pm: Phones back up. I’m still going to get that new system.


Do I need that new system?


I don’t need that new system.


1:41 pm: Reading email, opening snail mail (a week’s worth). Seriously, Staples, who is ordering this stuff?


2:18 pm: Sneak in a call to the broker about that comp renewal. On hold.


...2:21 pm: Still on hold.


...2:23 pm: Still on hold.


...2:25 pm: Still on hol…no wait, connecting. Not in? Leave voicemail. I do not have time for this.


2:30 pm: Colin leaving for doctor's appointment. Covering his phone until 4:00.


Sold two from the Barn & Rooster Collection! Mental note to spend more time talking to customers.

Why don’t I do that anymore?


4:13 pm: Where the hell is Colin??


4:30 pm: UPS! All hands on deck. Where am I going to put it all? I really should outsource distribution.


Next year.


5:52 pm: Packing to head home. Just going to grab this call first. It’ll be nice to have dinner with the boys.


...7:27 pm: Packing to head home.




I’m busy. All day. Hectic, really. It can shake my confidence sometimes.


I’ll deal with whatever in between customers, maybe. I know it’s important and I tried to get to it last week. And a couple of times this week, so far.


My business may be small, but my life is complicated.


Uncomplicate me. Please.


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