Small But Mighty

Posted by AP Intego on Jul 2, 2019 12:34:07 PM

Scott is the president of Montagne Communications. After working at other PR firms, Scott decided to heed the entrepreneurial voices in his head and strike out on his own. With a small group of loyal employees and clients following him, he had the confidence to try something new.


Over the years, he's found that the most rewarding part of being a business owner is the people, specifically mentoring younger employees as they become experts. (Once upon a time Scott hired and mentored an intern who later became his partner. True story).


As a small agency in New Hampshire, it's often assumed that Montagne Communications is a small-time firm. Hardly. The team has continuously proven they can offer just as much—and oftentimes, more—value as the big-city PR firms, and their clients agree. Scott and his team are looking forward to growing in the next couple of years, but are taking their time to protect  the quality of the work, team culture and the Montagne magic.


When asked what's kept him loyal to AP Intego over the years, Scott said, "It's just seamless. Having never run a business before, I didn't know how to do the insurance part. Whenever a question comes up, it's so easy and convenient to get the help we need. As a small business owner, that means a lot."





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