I’m an Esthetician. What Insurance Do I Need?

Posted by Matt Reilly on Jul 21, 2017 4:41:13 PM

This is a common question because esthetics and the estheticians (also called aestheticians) who practice it professionally often walk the line between a medical service and a beauty service. Before you can get esthetician insurance, you need to figure out whether you need medical esthetics insurance, or non-medical esthetics insurance.


Medical Esthetics

Several factors can classify you as a medical esthetician: if you work with a doctor, if you do any laser procedures, and more. In these cases, your business needs a higher level of coverage, especially with regard to your liability insurance.

Just like any small business, you’ll have general liability insurance in case a customer is harmed or loses property on your business location outside of their treatment. However, all medical practices need protection in case they accidently harm their clients during treatment. To cover these potential lawsuits, which can be extremely costly if they involved laser procedures, you’ll need to add professional liability and perhaps even umbrella liability to your esthetician liability insurance suite.

Make sure that these liability policies include malpractice coverage (which should be included in your professional liability) as well as product liability coverage in case malfunctioning equipment causes harm to someone.


Salon, Spa, and other Non-Medical Estheticians

If you’re looking for esthetician insurance and you aren’t doing any medical procedures, then you are in luck. While you still need the same types of coverage (general liability, malpractice, product liability, and maybe some property coverage), your insurance will cost much less than insurance for estheticians who do medical work.


The Cost of Esthetician Insurance

If you do not own the business or place where you work, then the business owner may already have much of this insurance covered, and you would likely only need to purchase your own esthetician liability insurance (the right professional liability policy should cover it). If you’re in this boat, then insurance should only cost you about $180 a year.


Ultimately, talking to an expert broker is the best way to get insurance for estheticians. Get a quote today to avoid any unneeded risk.

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