Photographer and Videographer Liability Insurance

Posted by Matt Reilly on Jul 27, 2017 11:55:52 AM

After a long day (and night) of snapping photos and recording video at a big wedding, you go home and plug your camera into your new laptop. When you open the folder that pops-up on your desktop, the files aren’t there, just a couple empty folders labelled with random numbers.

You immediately look at the check that the couple gave you and think: “Uh oh.”


What Photographer Liability Insurance and Videographer Insurance Do I Need?

If you are lucky, simply apologizing and giving the check back will be enough. But the couple did hire and pay you to produce beautiful photos and videos of their wedding. Failing to deliver on that service opens you up to lawsuits. Not just over the check they wrote you, but also the damages associated with losing all the photos and videos of their special day that they can’t simply retake.

That’s why professional liability (also called errors & omissions) is perhaps the most important form of photographer and videographer insurance. If you fail to produce acceptable services and the customer sues, regardless of whether it was your fault or not, professional liability covers you. This applies whether you are an event photographer or a studio photographer.

After professional liability, anyone looking for videographer or photographer insurance should look for a general liability policy. If you are taking holiday card photos in your studio, and a light falls down on top of a customer, cutting their arm and head, you could be sued over the medical expenses. Having a location that customers spend time at is a significant risk, and a general liability policy is the best protection from unexpected costs.

What Additional Forms of Photographer Insurance Do I Need?

Photography equipment is expensive, and the variety of lenses, batteries, lights, memory cards, and more that are required to run a professional small business can be a significant investment. As your business develops, the cost of replacing your tools will eventually eclipse the cost of insuring them, at which point it’s a very good idea to acquire a business property policy.

You may be able to combine your photographer liability insurance and your property coverage into a single business owner’s policy, which could save you money.

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