COVID-19 Update (3/23/2020)—A Cash-Saving Workers' Comp Solution During COVID-19

Posted by AP Intego on Mar 25, 2020 1:30:21 PM

You may be able to get some cash flow relief by switching to Pay As You Go workers’ comp, even if you are mid-term in your current policy. If you are a payroll customer of one of AP Intego’s payroll partners, we may be able to switch you to Pay As You Go, and you could:


  • Receive a lump-sum refund of your premium for the unused portion of what you paid up front—a much-needed infusion of cash.

  • Pay only the premiums required based on real-time payroll levels, which are likely reduced at this time. 

  • Reduce the likelihood of a lump sum payment at time of your annual policy audit as a result of the real-time accuracy of your payments. 


We know that you’re concerned about keeping both your business and your employees healthy and safe. We’ve mobilized a dedicated team to provide expert advice and see if you qualify for this relief.  


Ask your payroll provider if they partner with AP Intego for workers’ comp. 


Thank you and stay safe,

The AP Intego Team

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