COVID-19 Update (3/22/2020)—Important Info for Customers with Pay As You Go Workers' Comp

Posted by AP Intego on Mar 25, 2020 11:46:34 AM

If AP Intego customers are unable to run payroll at this time, we have put checks in place to keep your coverage active. Policies will not be cancelled. 


We met with all of our Pay As You Go partner insurance carriers. All are supporting us to keep our customers' coverage intact at this time. If you inadvertently receive a cancellation notice you should contact us immediately. We can provide written proof of coverage. You can email (preferred) or call 888.289.2939 (we've activated a call-back feature to help with wait times).


There are also solutions if you're not on Pay As You Go, as our insurance carriers are providing assistance for those customers as well. It’s important to note that most customers are better served on Pay As You Go at this time.


It goes without saying the environment is fluid. We’ll post follow up communications as the situation warrants.


Thank you and stay safe,

The AP Intego Team

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