Chapter 5: Got to do what you gotta do

Posted by AP Intego on Jun 4, 2019 7:30:00 AM

Friday, 5:53pm

The new rack system in the stock area is finally installed. Surprisingly, that went very smoothly and right on schedule. Only the electrical upgrade was unexpected. But if that’s the worst of the bombshells I’ll take it, and still, it was finished in two weeks. Great contractors.

It was so overdue. I’m not sure it makes us that much more efficient—hard to quantify—but it looks great! Bright, clean, dry, but mostly way safer. Makes me feel like, I don’t know, calm and collected—something like that. The old set-up was definitely a risk. I wanted to defer until next year but it took Brandon almost breaking his arm to seal it. No deferred cost is worth someone getting hurt.

The rest of the office is an absolute mess, of course, what with inventory stored all over the place for the last couple of weeks. But you know what? We didn’t miss an order or a shipping date. Hmm, maybe I’m actually doing something right (ugh, don’t go there, I know what happens when I give myself too much of the benefit of the doubt).

Ok, time to fill these new shelves and get reorganized! That’s what tomorrow is all about. And Sunday, too.

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