Chapter 4: Could it happen here?

Posted by AP Intego on May 14, 2019 10:08:05 AM

Sunday, 7:25 am


Looks like tomorrow is going to be a killer. How can I be triple-booked at 9 o'clock on a Monday morning? Note, need to narrow down who gets access to my calendar.  Joyce is coming in at 2 for our monthly-ish finance meeting. Not sure what I would do without her.


That email she sent me last week made me think. A lot. She told me that another client—like me, she said—got shut down for two weeks because an employee clicked on the wrong email. No customers, no sales, no cash. Kinda hit me hard once I started thinking about it. Why hasn’t that happened to us yet? Another thing for the worry list.


I asked her to give me some ideas on that.  She said she already had some. It should be an eye-opening meeting. Gotta love Joyce. Seriously, what would I do without her?

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