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Posted by AP Intego on Dec 1, 2020 8:27:00 AM

Ann Shepard, our Head of Product and Customer Experience, isn’t the type to sing her own praises, so we have no choice but to do it for her...


Recently, Ann was named a Women in Leadership: NEXT 2020 honoree by Digital Insurance. This is a Very Big Deal because a) in an industry with no shortage of talented, deserving  young women, Ann was chosen as one of only four honorees this year; b) the award recognizes achievement in innovation, which is something Ann is especially well known for; and c) it’s long past time Ann stepped out from behind her standing desk to receive the accolades she richly deserves! 


Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 8.02.41 AM


We are immeasurably proud of her, and grateful for all she has helped us accomplish at AP Intego: the products she has, um, shepherded from ideas into reality, the partnerships she has fostered and grown, the customer experiences she has improved through her insights and analyses, and so much more. All of that, plus being a great colleague, a supportive manager, and an all-around delight to work with and for? Yes, we really are that lucky!


Congratulations, Ann, and thank you. We can’t wait to see what amazing things you do next.

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