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Posted by AP Intego on Feb 5, 2020 3:53:46 PM

Introducing our new tech offering that helps thousands of AP Intego customers optimize their insurance and build confidence in their coverage.


While we believe our small business customers will continue to need the assistance of our licensed Agents and Customer Service Representatives, our online customer dashboard delivers convenience, confidence and coverage all through an amazingly simple interface.


To ensure our dashboard creates the best experience and most value for customers, we based its functionality on learnings from more than 10,000 service interactions per month by our award-winning customer service team.



Through our dashboard, AP Intego customers can:

  • View information about all current and previously owned policies regardless of policy type, including information about coverages, premium payment history, carriers, and other details.
  • Generate, download and share both new and previously requested certificate of insurance (COIs) in a matter of seconds via both mobile and desktop.
  • Make more informed insurance decisions and take actions to address their unique coverage needs. They can also get recommendations on incremental coverages and request quotes on policies of any type.

  • Manage insurance for a single entity or multiple entities, such as franchises or accountants who manage insurance on behalf of many clients.


Our goal was to digitally empower customers to find their best coverage at the best price, and manage those policies when and where it suits them.”

                   -Eric Harnden, Co-Managing Director of AP Intego


AP Intego customers can register for a dashboard account here

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AP Intego uncomplicates the purchase, use and renewal of insurance for small business owners so they can optimize coverage and run their businesses with continued confidence.

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