Monster Yogurt is Scary Good

Posted by AP Intego on Aug 27, 2019 9:17:57 AM

Ava Skipworth saw a need for a place where she could feel comfortable bringing her kids while not spending a lot of money. She ultimately came to the conclusion that the only way to guarantee a place like this would exist was if she took it upon herself. So, after sitting in a corporate job for 20 years she set out with a goal: to create "a place to go, with kids in tow, without spending a lot of dough". Starting with just a blank sheet of paper, she built an entire business plan and Monster Yogurt.

The first step was a little shop in a local shopping center—close enough to home that she could bring her 4-year old son with her. Since then, Monster Yogurt has expanded to three locations across the Dallas area and today serves over 100 flavors with 75 topping choices.




Where did Ava get the confidence to leave a steady job with a young child at home and start something completely new (and then expand to three stores)?




Although it may be trying at times, as a cancer survivor, Ava can handle pretty much anything that comes her way. "Once you go through that, running an ice cream shop seems like nothing."


Plus, seeing her dream become reality is extremely rewarding. One of her favorite things about being a small business owner is working with kids every day, and giving young people their first job experience. She strives to provide a safe work environment to the whole Monster Yogurt family, and a fun, comfortable environment to the families in her community. 


Part of providing a safe work environment is ensuring your employees are protected. So when asked what her favorite thing about working with AP Intego is, Ava says "Feeling prepared. Workers' comp is optional in Texas. It would be horrible if something happened to an employee and they had to jump through hoops to get what they needed. I want to make it as easy as possible."


Her goal for the future of Monster Yogurt? "I'd like to see a Monster Yogurt in every neighborhood that has kids."


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