"Best email of the week! Thank you."

Posted by AP Intego on Apr 22, 2020 3:12:03 PM

Like most companies dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve been communicating with our customers on a regular basis. We’re sensitive to small business owners’ waning appetite for emails from every supplier, vendor and contractor they’ve ever known, so we try to be smart with our COVID-related outreach. Our goal from the beginning (remember the beginning? Way back then?) has been to ensure each customer communication is relevant, empathetic and, above all, worth their time.


One of those recent customer communications was an email from our Co-Managing Directors, Steve Hauck and Eric Harnden, directly to fellow business owners. The response to all our outreach creates reactions (mostly positive), but once in a while we get one from a customer that really reinforces why we do it, and frankly why we’re in business. The letter from Steve and Eric resulted in just that.


Our agent who took the call transcribed it verbatim, Slacking it out to the company. These are trying times, but a brief smile in the midst of it all is powerful fuel to keep us moving forward.


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