Quick List: Website Builder Tools for Small Businesses

Posted by Matt Reilly on Jan 12, 2017 4:05:00 PM

Looking to start a business website, or maybe revamp your old one? Not up for the Wordpress DIY struggle? Well,  there are a lot of options for hosting and building a great-looking website. Here’s a quick list of the most popular options and their business pricing:


DudaOne: A great choice for multilingual websites and businesses, including fresh desktop, tablet, and mobile looks. It lacks 3rd party apps that might limit the features you have access to. eCommerce price: $14.25/mo. + online store $22.50-$36.75/mo. Or, avoid the $14.25/mo. with a one-time $300 fee.


Jimdo: Not as customizable as the others, but that simplicity is refreshing for many users, and great for SEO. Business price: $20/mo., domain name and email included.


One: Great if you’re looking to make a website with a few, unchanging pages. Switching to a fully-fledged website with over 5 pages afterward is quite expensive. Price: $1.89/mo. Base + $5/mo. for the website builder add-on. Domain name pricing varies.


Squarespace: Robust SEO and blogging features for business owners looking to be more active online. Need to immerse yourself to understand all of the features. eCommerce price: $24/mo. + $20/mo. for the domain name.


Weebly: Super-easy to use, smooth-looking designs, and a great online store platform. Emails need to be purchased separately, and the Domain name fee ($20) is only waived for the first year. Business price: $25/mo.


Wix: Visually stunning options (especially for artists and photographers), and easy to navigate. Changing your template is difficult, so make sure you like what you started with. eCommerce price: $17/mo. + small domain name fee.


No matter what tool you use to build your website, just make sure it's user-friendly and helps visitors find what they're looking for. Check content organization,  menu navigation layout, size and clarity of images, etc. Many of the tools listed above also have helpful SEO tools or plug0ins that will help ensure users can find your site easily.


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