I’m an Esthetician. What Insurance Do I Need?

This is a common question because esthetics and the estheticians (also called aestheticians) who...

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Now, More Than Ever, You Need Workers' Compensation Insurance

The American worker is living longer and retiring later than ever before, meaning there are more...

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Errors & Omissions Insurance (E&O) for Insurance Agents

Errors and Omissions insurance for insurance agents is a key piece of protection whether you are...

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Selling to Small Businesses? Avoid 'too much of a good thing.'

Imagine you are a payroll software service or vendor. You have a great payroll solution that is...

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Medical Malpractice Insurance & Liability 101

The number of US patients who die or are injured by medical malpractice each year is hard to...

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McRoskey Mattress Company: Selling Beds as a Service

Like many small business success stories, the McRoskey Mattress Company was born from a change...

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Integrated Workers’ Comp App for Quickbooks Online

AP Intego is proud to announce the release of our Quickbooks Online App for workers’ compensation

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What Happens to My Business if I Die?

The majority of small business owners don’t know what would happen to their business if they...

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Don’t Let Cyber Attacks Make Your Business WannaCry

We’ve talked about cyber security before on this blog, and even written about protecting your...

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